business and personal loans

Every member of the society is entitled to one type of loan or another per time It is a fundamental cooperative practice to allow members to borrow an amount not exceeding twice their cumulative savings but we have designed a very unique model that allows our members borrow any amount that is about enough for their need even if the amount exceeds twice their savings. They only have one or two extra requirements to meet if they can meet and convince us of the viability of the need for which the loan is being required. We are fair, considerate and supportive in our loan processes and management.
Businesses need funds to grow and succeed. We would like to associate with the prospect of our members when they need urgent funds to execute contract. We finance Local Purchase Orders and Supply on behalf of our members at a fair rate subject to a maximum tenor of three (3) months.

How does Loan work?

Fill a loan application form with a Token of N5, 000 for Individual/company and N3, 000 for group of individual, and submit with a passport photograph

  • Submit 2 guarantor and a signed cheque leaf each
  • Submit Personal Guarantee form duly signed and executed by the Guarantor
  • Submit passport photograph for each of your guarantor
  • Submit Utility bill for you and your Guarantor
  • Submit valid means of Identification and that of the Guarantor

You can fill the form below to apply for a loan


If you have any issue filling this form, please call: 08163815720, 09091626859, 09067726658

Loan Application Form

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